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Juurutuse edu tagamiseks on oluline, et mõlemal pool on üks kindel kontaktisik (nii Teie kui ka meie poolel), kes on võtab endale vastutuse ja kohustuse projekti edukuse ees. On oluline, et kontaktisikul on volitused otsuste vastuvõtmiseks.

  • Avalah juurutaja tagab projekti juurutamise A-st Z-ni: projekti algusest kuni lõpuni tagab ta Odoo-s rakendamise üldise järjepidevuse ja jagab oma kogemusi heade tavade osas.

  • The Odoo Consultant ensures the project implementation from A to Z: From the beginning to the end of the project, he ensures the overall consistency of the implementation in Odoo and shares his expertise in terms of good practices.

  • One and only decision maker on the client side (SPoC): He is responsible for the business knowledge transmission (coordinate key users intervention if necessary) and the consistency of the implementation from a business point of view (decision making, change management, etc.).

  • Meetings optimization: The Odoo consultant is not involved in the process of decision making from a business point of view nor to precise processes and company's internal procedures (unless a specific request or an exception). Project meetings, who will take place once or twice a week, are meant to align on the business needs (SPoC) and to define the way those needs will be implemented in Odoo (Consultant).

  • Train the Trainer approach: The Odoo consultant provides functional training to the SPoC so that he can pass on this knowledge to his collaborators. In order for this approach to be successful, it is necessary that the SPoC is also involved in its own rise in skills through self-learning via the Odoo documentation, The elearning platform and the testing of functionalities.

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