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Communication Strategy

The purpose of the QuickStart methodology is to ensure quick ownership of the tool for end users. Effective communication is therefore crucial to the success of this approach. Its optimization will, therefore, lead us to follow those principles:

  • Sharing the project management documentation: The best way to ensure that all stakeholders in a project have the same level of knowledge is to provide direct access to the project's tracking document (Project Organizer). This document will contain at least a list of tasks to be performed as part of the implementation for which the priority level and the manager are clearly defined.

    The Project Organizer is a shared project tracking tool that allows both detailed tracking of ongoing tasks and the overall progress of the project.

  • Report essential information: In order to minimize the documentation time to the essentials, we will follow the following good practices:
  • Meeting minutes will be limited to decisions and validations;
  • Project statuses will only be established when an important milestone is reached;
  • Training sessions on the standard or customized solution will be organized.

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