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Project Scope

To make sure all the stakeholders involved are always aligned, it is necessary to define and to make the project scope evolve as long as the project implementation is pursuing.

  • A clear definition of the initial project scope: A clear definition of the initial needs is crucial to ensure the project is running smoothly. Indeed, when all the stakeholders share the same vision, the evolution of the needs and the resulting decision-making process are more simple and more clear.

  • Phasing the project: Favoring an implementation in several coherent phases allowing regular production releases and an evolving takeover of Odoo by the end users have demonstrated its effectiveness over time. This approach also helps to identify gaps and apply corrective actions early in the implementation.

  • Adopting standard features as a priority: Odoo offers a great environment to implement slight improvements (customizations) or more important ones (developments). Nevertheless, adoption of the standard solution will be preferred as often as possible in order to optimize project delivery times and provide the user with a long-term stability and fluid scalability of his new tool. Ideally, if an improvement of the software should still be realized, its implementation will be carried out after an experiment of the standard in production.

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