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Customizations and Development

Odoo is a software known for its flexibility and its important evolution capacity. However, a significant amount of development contradicts a fast and sustainable implementation. This is the reason why it is recommended to:

  • Develop only for a good reason: The decision to develop must always be taken when the cost-benefit ratio is positive (saving time on a daily basis, etc.). For example, it will be preferable to realize a significant development in order to reduce the time of a daily operation, rather than an operation to be performed only once a quarter. It is generally accepted that the closer the solution is to the standard, the lighter and more fluid the migration process, and the lower the maintenance costs for both parties. In addition, experience has shown us that 60% of initial development requests are dropped after a few weeks of using standard Odoo (see "Adopting the standard as a priority").

  • Replace, without replicate: There is a good reason for the decision to change the management software has been made. In this context, the moment of implementation is THE right moment to accept and even be a change initiator both in terms of how the software will be used and at the level of the business processes of the company.

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