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Data Imports

Importing the history of transactional data is an important issue and must be answered appropriately to allow the project running smoothly. Indeed, this task can be time-consuming and, if its priority is not well defined, prevent production from happening in time. To do this as soon as possible, it will be decided :

  • Not to import anything: It often happens that after reflection, importing data history is not considered necessary, these data being, moreover, kept outside Odoo and consolidated for later reporting.

  • To import a limited amount of data before going into production: When the data history relates to information being processed (purchase orders, invoices, open projects, for example), the need to have this information available from the first day of use in production is real. In this case, the import will be made before the production launch.

  • To import after production launch: When the data history needs to be integrated with Odoo mainly for reporting purposes, it is clear that these can be integrated into the software retrospectively. In this case, the production launch of the solution will precede the required imports.

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